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We created The Block as your all-access monthly newsletter, highlighting the latest and greatest at BoxCast and in the live streaming industry. This month, we're excited to share lots of quality content. We've got a new podcast episode, a social media tip, an improved Schedule page, another team member for you to get to know, and, as always, some cool stuff for you to read and watch.


Don't Miss The BoxCast Podcast!

Have you tuned in to the latest episode of The BoxCast Podcast? It's a good one! Stephen Ballast of Ballast Media joins our community manager, Gary Buchanan, to talk about current trends and strategies in church media. Stephen also shares his journey and digs into how churches are using media to connect with their communities.

Watch on our YouTube channel or listen wherever you get your podcasts!          

Share Your Shorts (+ Reels) 

Want to make your content stand out on social media? Check out our Video team's tutorial to learn how to create shareable videos with YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. 


Give it a watch on our BoxCast YouTube channel!

The Schedule Page Has a New Look

Our Product team's been working hard to improve the Schedule page in the BoxCast Dashboard. They've given it a fresh look and added functionality, along with some helpful tips for tricky settings. These updates are live - opt in and give them a whirl when you have a chance!

Meet the Team: Q+A with Alex Coleman

We're pleased to introduce you to Alex Coleman, one of our superbly talented engineers. When he's not busy creating amazing things for BoxCast, Alex can be found scaling rock faces and exploring new destinations. He's constantly seeking adventure and has an impressive list of places he's itching to visit.

Q: Where's your happy place? 

A: In nature — particularly the beach — specifically, Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine, and the Santa Cruz redwood forests. 

Q: What movie can you watch repeatedly and never get tired of? 

A: D2: The Mighty Ducks.

Q: Which apocalyptic dystopia do you think is most likely? 

A: We reach super AI without having the proper safety mechanisms in place to protect the human race.

Q: If you joined a circus, which act would you be?

A: A fire dancer! 



Here's what we've been making, reading, and watching this month: 

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