BoxCast Switcher

The easiest way to mix and stream live video from multiple angles.

BoxCast Switcher consolidates an entire mobile broadcasting truck into one simple app.

With BoxCast Switcher, powered by Switcher Studio, every iOS device becomes a camera that can stream live. Set up multiple iOS devices to capture different camera angles, and then use Switcher to mix them all together. You can even easily add transitions and overlays to create a professional-looking broadcast!

BoxCast Switcher harnesses BoxCast's powerful streaming platform to share your live broadcast with your audience, wherever they are.

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  • Mix video from up to four remote iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) devices.
  • Connect a Mac computer to use the screen as an input source.
  • Choose from a variety of video transitions.
  • Create your own overlays to use while broadcasting.
  • Utilize picture in picture and other multi-view effects
  • Live stream using BoxCast's dependable platform.


$299 /year*

* The app download is free in the iTunes App Store. Streaming from the app requires a standard BoxCast streaming subscription. Pricing is for one active live stream from the app at a time and is in addition to your normal BoxCast subscription price.

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