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BoxCast.tv - Your home for live events

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BoxCast is an end-to-end live video streaming solution that delivers HD video from anyone with an event to everyone, everywhere. It's simple. It's reliable. It's affordable.

BoxCast.tv is designed for viewers to watch selected events from BoxCast broadcasters on the web, mobile, AppleTV, or Roku.

Put your viewers in control

  • Modern HTML5-based video player with no dependency on Flash
  • Viewers can share events on Facebook and Twitter
  • You can create custom channel pages with multiple grouped videos or showcase a single event
  • Pause and rewind live video with Live DVR
  • Speed up or slow down videos with variable speed playback
  • Watch highlights from recorded videos
  • Earn money for your organization by charging ticket prices to watch videos
  • Publish your videos on the BoxCast app for AppleTV or Roku

Flexible options for your content

Host on your own site

As a broadcaster, you can always choose to host the videos on your site. Our flexible embedded player allows you to customize the look and feel to match your site.

Channel on BoxCast.tv

If you have a lot of related videos, for example a sermon series or sports tournament, you can link viewers to a channel on BoxCast.tv that contains them all.

Single events on BoxCast.tv

For a fully immersive experience, you can always link viewers to a single-event view of your stream, with the full HD video presented big and bold.

AppleTV and Roku

If you want to be featured on the BoxCast apps for AppleTV and Roku, let us know and we'll add your channels to the app. Then viewers can watch whenever they want!

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If you're new to BoxCast, get started by contacting our sales team to start streaming today.

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