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[Exceedingly Enough:] Truly Knowing Your Savior

Jesus said to him, Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip?’”

(John 14:9a ESV)

It had been three years since Philip had become intimately involved in the daily affairs of Jesus. In his book Twelve Ordinary Men, pastor John MacArthur astutely notes that Philip was technically the first disciple that Jesus proactively called (John 1:43). Yet, as they sat beside one another years later in the upper room, Jesus’ words to Philip were weighty and confrontational.

In them, we learn that it is possible for one to be close to the Jesus, yet still not not truly know Him as we ought to.

Personally, I’ve attended Bible College and Seminary, been in full-time ministry, and preached the gospel on three different continents. I can read the New Testament in its original language and can explain in detail the nuances of expiation, imputation, and propitiation.

Even so,  if I’m completely honest, my daily life doesn’t consistently “smell” like Jesus. I’m rarely repentant, I’m a terrible forgiver, I’m often impatient, I pray less than I should, and my daily faith sometimes seems smaller than a mustard seed.

And still, I have hope.

Jesus said in John 14:25, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” We are heading into the holiday season and ministry is never as busy as it is this time of year. In the midst of the frenzy, do not forget to know your Savior.

Seek Him daily and aim not only to know His commandments, but also to keep them faithfully and joyfully. For, when we are in close and true fellowship with Him, we are most useful for His kingdom and partake in His very own joy.


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