David HibbertDavid Hibbert

Destiny Christian Church, Co-founder and Leader


BoxCast: You began streaming in 2011. Why did you decide to start? 

David Hibbert: We wanted to make our services available to anyone who couldn't attend in person. The messages in our sermons often build on each other, so we wanted to ensure that people didn't miss a thing. Interestingly, 90% of our first-time guests found us on our website. They've told us they enjoyed listening to or watching a sermon before they came. 


BoxCast: When evaluating different streaming providers, what made BoxCast stand apart from the competition? 

DH: BoxCast stood out for several reasons. First, there are no annoying ads! Many streaming companies charge an expensive premium for ad-free streaming, but BoxCast does that for free! I also love the simplicity. I schedule our services in advance and then forget about them. I can be sure that BoxCast will stream our events as planned. Lastly, BoxCast is unique in its ability to stream a variety of devices. Whether our viewers want to tune in on their TV, laptop or tablet, they can effortlessly watch in amazing HD quality.

BoxCast: Your church is a teaching church. Has BoxCast helped in that regard? 

DH: Yes. We provide outlines of all our sermons to our members and have found that a large part of our community will re-watch the message later in the week for further study. Small groups from other churches even use our sermons for their own mid-week meetings! 

BoxCast: What do you like most about your BoxCaster?

DH: We love that it's just a box. We plug our internet straight into it and it works - no need to turn on a computer, mess with video and audio feeds, or wait for software programs to open. Just plug and play! 

BoxCast: How has your own community reacted? 

DH: They love it. Our viewer audience has increased by over 500% per event since switching to BoxCast. And they love the quality. As an unexpected bonus, streaming with BoxCast has improved the timeliness of our services. Our service facilitator and worship team know that BoxCast will start streaming at 10 am, whether or not we are ready, so they now begin promptly every week!