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Software Engineer II

: Software Engineer II

Reports to: Direct of Engineering

Department:  Engineering

Location: Cleveland, OH

FLSA Status: Exempt

How You'll Make An Impact

As a software engineer at BoxCast, you will be responsible for developing, testing, and maintaining full stack software products and features. You will be a developer, thinker, researcher, tester, and tinker-er. You interpret vision from senior leadership by creating art with the code you write because it is in line with solutions achieving the company vision. You’ll test and iterate on existing and new product features to ensure they are on-brand, functional, usable, and accessible.

What You'll Do

You are expected to be an individual contributor in one or more of these functions. You will be actively mentored and trained by colleagues to improve your skills in areas you do not have experience.

  • Solve customer problems and use cases by architecting, designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining full-stack features, services, and microservices primarily on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.
  • Maintain programming expertise in languages and technologies including HTML/CSS/JavaScript/ES6, Golang, Ruby, Terraform, and MySQL.
  • Embrace open source frameworks and libraries such as React, React Native, Vue, and Angular.
  • Develop, debug, and test software on a variety of platforms including web, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac that integrate with our cloud SaaS infrastructure
  • Contribute to designing and building ideal customer journeys and UX with your technical contribution including an ability to understand how individual features and changes impact the overall product offering strategy.
  • Achieve excellent project execution results by actively participating in sprint planning, kickoff, and review meetings.
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team of product designers, software engineers, hardware engineers, and business leaders.

How You'll Display Our Values

  • Integrity:  you will be a beacon of trust and ethical engineering among a team of talented engineers
  • Collaboration:  you will routinely interact with employees at all levels of the company, including company leadership and employees in other departments
  • Judgment:  you will make the best architectural decisions, even if you only have limited or at times unclear supporting data or requirements
  • Achievement: you will contribute and develop reliable and high-quality code that inspires colleagues and the broader organization
  • Innovation:  you will develop cutting edge features for our end-to-end live video streaming SaaS platform

About You

  • You have a BS Degree in Engineering or related field (strongly preferred).
  • You bring 2+ years of experience and passion for developing products on a cross-functional team.
  • You are confident in front-end technologies, with a willingness to learn back-end technologies; full stack experience is a plus!
  • You are proficient in AWS technologies, Github or Git as well as in at least one of the following: Angular.JS, Vue.js or react (with a preference for proficiency in all); experience in Ruby on Rails and or Golang is a plus.
  • You communicate clearly and can articulate the strategy and rationale behind your decisions in the work.
  • You strive to be analytical and objective, and you partner with teammates who share this mindset.
  • You sweat the details because you know that millions of people rely on what you’re building.
  • You do what it takes to prioritize and get the highest impact things done.
  • You get organized, stay focused, have a bias towards action, and break down obstacles in your way.


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