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Business Development Representative

Title:  Business Development Representative

Reports to: VP of Sales

Location:  Cleveland, OH

Position Type:  Full Time

FLSA Status:  Exempt



The business development representative is responsible to drive leads through the sales process and work with the sales team to increase sales 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Respond to incoming leads via phone calls and emails in an efficient and professional manner
  • Track and maintain customer contact and their records
  • Lead management and proactive outbound projecting
  • Develop an effective pipeline of new projects and customers
  • Generate quotes and appointments by means of lead activity management
  • Market company’s solutions to potential customers
  • Work with the marketing section in order to discover opportunities from various leads, and possibly set appointments from those leads
  • Set up appointments
  • Attend customer meetings as required
  • Participate in sales meetings, local trade shows, and vendor training in order to maintain up to date knowledge of current technology

Note:  Other duties may be assigned.

Experience and Educational Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent experience

Preferred understanding of serviced industries primary processes and requirements. 

Skills and Core Competencies:

  • Must be a good communicator; he/she must have the ability to interact and communicate with individuals no matter their levels in the organization.
  • Understanding of workflow systems of the organization and their various applications to the improvement of customer business process
  • Ability to make presentations to staff and clients whether formal or informal.
  • Ability to prioritize assignments at work
  • Strong PC skills: A fair and basic knowledge of how to use the computer system and its basic application and system
  • Effective time management skills: The business development representative must have the ability to manage time effectively and work independently
  • He/she must be self-motivated
  • Must possess the ability to work with a team
  • Problem solving skills: He/she must be able to effectively resolve problems
  • Possession of strong interpersonal skills
  • Possess the ability to effectively handle stress
  • Ability to listen and pay attention to details
  • Creative thinker: He/she must have the ability to think effectively, develop ideas in providing solution to problems as they come
  • Must be highly enthusiastic and committed to excellence
  • He/she must have an open mind and the ability to work with little or no supervision
  • Must possess the ability to be thorough and extremely analytical
  • Must have the ability to be flexible and perform multiple task at a time
  • Must possess the ability to work under pressure and still meet up with deadlines

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