With less than a week left in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Americans have spent countless hours watching their country compete to be recognized as the best in the world. The country suddenly cares deeply about gymnastics, swimming, track, and other Olympic sports for a few weeks before ignoring them again for the next four years.

However, there are millions of people around the country would love to watch these sports regularly. But unfortunately, because of the lack of their primetime popularity, fans of these sports had no way to support their favorite athletes when they couldn’t be there in person. Until recently.

Thanks to the power of live video streaming, schools and other athletic organizations have the opportunity to share these sports with the viewers that would love to watch. This article breaks down why your organization should start streaming Olympic sports.

Olympic sports are really popular

The University of Utah’s gymnastics team has the highest average attendance in women’s college sports nearly every year. Gymnastic events are the third most viewed on the Pac-12 network, just behind football and basketball. This proves that no matter the sport, if a team is exciting and successful, it will attract large viewership.

It’s also important to consider the amount of students that participate in these sports. In 2015, there were 103 varsity-level gymnastics teams in the US with an average of 18 students each. If that’s not a large enough potential consumer base for you, consider swimming, which has 675 varsity schools and over 24,000 total swimmers. Each of those students has a family that would love to watch their child compete, but likely has no way to do so unless your school decides to stream their events.

Internet speeds are increasing

Average internet speeds have more than tripled in the last five years. In the past, even if an organization wanted to go the extra mile to stream some of their sports teams, their internet connections wouldn’t allow it.

As internet speeds continue to improve, it is becoming increasingly feasible for organizations to stream not only their bigger sports like basketball and football, but also the typically less popular Olympic sports like gymnastics and swimming.

BoxCast makes streaming simple and affordable

BoxCast understands that all athletes have parents, families, and support networks that love to watch them compete. But until recently, fans couldn't watch the action unless they were physically in the stands. It’s why we’ve worked hard to provide a simple live video streaming platform at an affordable cost.

BoxCast offers live HD sports streaming starting at just $300/year, making it incredibly cost-effective for an organization looking to distinguish itself by providing a live streaming service to their fans.

For organizations unsure of whether they want to commit to live video, BoxCast offers Broadcaster, a free audio streaming app for iOS that lets organizations stream live audio. It’s especially useful for streaming from remote areas or announcing away-game play-by-plays. With so many options available to an organization, it’s easy to see why more and more schools have found the value in streaming.

If you'd like more information on how to start streaming at your school, download our free guide: The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Sports Streaming Game.

Image: Download Streaming Playbook

Image Source: Omar de Armas via Flickr

Published by Diavee Chowdhury on August 18, 2016 in Sports, Schools

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