Get ready for takeoff: the next big thing in broadcasting

The genius of sports broadcasting has always been the ability to think like a fan. And not just think, but to actually imagine Joe Fan with his beverage, brats and Barcalounger plopped down in front of the big-screen TV.


The knack to so thoroughly connect with the customer brought us such game-changers as slow motion, instant replay, a simulated yellow line to mark the first down in football and overhead cameras wired on cables for video game-like aerial views.

But hold on to your plate of cheese-and-jalapeno-draped nachos, friends. Sports broadcasting is prepping for the next giant leap for fankind.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently approved a request by NFL Films to shoot aerial videography and TV filming with drones.

For now, permission was granted to only shoot in and around team practice facilities and NFL stadiums on non-game days. But you know that will change, once safety, security and other legal kinks are worked out.

The FAA approval also comes with other restrictions. The drone:

  • Must weigh less than 55 pounds;
  • Can’t exceed speeds of 100 miles per hour;
  • Can’t be operated higher than 400 feet;
  • And can’t be flown at night.

The potential is huge.

Envision the new game angles and perspectives. Expect coaches to use the technology to better analyze practice and game “film.” Consider how stadium security personnel will use drones to quickly identify and pounce on potential troublemakers. Ruminate about the potential sponsorship opportunities: “This aerial view is brought to you by Southwest, where you’re now free to move about the country.”  

Imagine how the Goodyear Blimp must be feeling about its future.

Published by Sports Content Team on October 06, 2015 in Sports

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