NFLPA launches new venture, ACE MediaRemember when the NFL Players Association announced their brand new venture, ACE Media?

Well...maybe not.

In case you are not familiar, the NFLPA released a statement in September 2015 announcing the launch of their new project: ACE Media.

Athlete Content & Entertainment (ACE Media) is driven by the notion that fans can never be too close to their favorite teams and players.

Recognizing the fans’ insatiable appetite for the game and talent they love, the NFL Players Association intended to shower fans across the country with content that’s never before been accessible.

High-profile corporate partners like Nike, BET Networks and Bleacher Report quickly signed on board.

But strangely, not much has happened since the release.

A quick visit to the website seems promising until you try to find any content at all. Hardly anything is clickable, essentially leaving you with a dead site.

Going to the “Press” section only makes matters worse. Every featured article was written months ago about the September launch. Not a word since.

All of this begs the question, “what happened?”

The game plan included player interviews and player-written features, and, from the description, scripted TV shows and reality-type programming.  And if all went well, ACE Media wanted to expand to other major sports — baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer — and reach a global audience.

In a matter of months, how did something with such grandiose plans - and such big names tied to it - fall so flat?

Or am I speaking too soon? Perhaps ACE Media will get a second chance. If they’re truly able to provide fans with real and honest connections to players (i.e. AMAs, live chats), one could argue that the venture will make a comeback.

But we live in a world where content is king. People expect to be delivered valuable and relevant content when they seek it. Anything less is a surefire way to set them - and yourself - up for disappointment.


Image Source: NFLPA

Published by Lena Kelly on November 23, 2015 in Sports

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