Sports Video Streaming: What You Should Know About Costs

January 26, 2016

This post is based on "The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Sports Streaming Game.If you’re interested in learning more about live video streaming your games and how it can help engage fans in a new and exciting way, download the free guide.

Let's face it: even the most loyal sports fan can't make it to every game. The logisitical nightmares of away games, jobs and other commitments can keep us out of the stands.

The good news is that your fans don't have to miss one more dunk, touchdown or goal. Live video streaming brings the games to your fans, wherever they are.

As you start researching your options for live video streaming, it's important to understand all the costs associated with the solution that is right for you. Below are three elements of streaming that can affect cost, expanded on in The Ultimate Guide to Winning the Sports Streaming Game.

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4 Ways to Make Going to Games More Exciting

January 13, 2016

Anyone who’s in the sports industry knows it to be true: as more and more fans become complacent with the “at-home experience,” ticket revenue is in jeopardy.

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The 4 Sports Trends You Need to Know for 2016

January 06, 2016

The new year just started and we’re already starting to see some major events shake up the sports world.

The Cleveland Browns rang in the new year by firing head coach Mike Pettine and GM Ray Farmer (and hired New York Mets' Paul DePodesta as the team's chief strategy officer - we'll see if his skills make the switch from baseball to football). Perhaps more surprising is that Chip Kelly lost his gig as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

These games find ways to keep us on our toes. But the sports industry we love is made up of more than just our favorite players and quick plays. Sports is a performance-driven business.

Though we don’t yet know how they’ll play out, here are the four “business-of-sports” trends to keep an eye on this upcoming year.

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How LeBron is Transforming What it Means to be an Athlete

December 11, 2015

What do LeBron James and the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices have in common?

As of this week, they all have jobs for life.

Justices are guaranteed their positions until they retire. James, according to credible media sources, just signed a lifetime deal to endorse Nike shoes.

A lifetime deal. What does that even mean?

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[Interview:] This is Why Students Should Run Your Broadcasts

November 23, 2015

At BoxCast, we know that testimonials from our customers are much more valuable than anything we write ourselves. So, each month we reach out to someone, hoping that the way they use BoxCast can inspire you to do something similar.

This month, we were lucky enough to chat with Glenn Gonsalves, the Associate Director of Athletics and Recreation Operations at Bridgewater State University (MA). He and his team were early to the streaming game, having started seven years ago. They made the switch to BoxCast earlier this year and aren't looking back.

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What Ever Happened With the NFLPA and ACE Media?

November 23, 2015

Remember when the NFL Players Association announced their brand new venture, ACE Media?

Well...maybe not.

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The 4 Reasons Basketball is the Best Sport to Stream

November 12, 2015


There’s little sports fans love more than passionately fighting about issues that have no real winner: the best sports team, the best sports city, the best sport. (All answers are obviously secondary to the Cavaliers, Cleveland, basketball).

Though those topics may be heavily contested, there's one thing we're certain of: when it comes to streaming, basketball is easiest. 

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What Happens When Sports Uniforms Become Advertisements?

November 09, 2015

Every nook and, yes, even the crannies of professional and college stadiums, ballparks and arenas are blanketed with advertising.

Every first down, home run and three-point basket is “brought to you by…(fill in the sponsor)” on the local radio broadcast.    

In the multi-billion-dollar industry of sports, no revenue-generating advertising opportunity goes untapped … except for the Holy Grail of America’s Big Four –  the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB – the uniform.

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Did Yahoo! fumble the NFL's first live-streaming experiment?

November 02, 2015

NFL’s first global live-streaming experiment: A touchdown or fumble?  

As far as gambles go, the NFL’s first live-streamed, online game was a relatively low-risk experiment.  
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The Best Live Video Streaming Equipment for Every Level

October 20, 2015

So, you’ve decided to start live video streaming.

Or you’ve at least started to do your research. As you’ve probably already discovered, choosing equipment can be challenging and time consuming. 

Let us help.

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