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    How to Fix Audio Issues on Your Live Stream

    May 15, 2019

    Have you ever watched a video with no or really bad audio? Whether it's play-by-play commentary during a sporting event or a church choir singing its best song, viewers want the audio to be great. In this post, we'll outline how to fix any issues you might be having with your broadcast's audio.

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    Two Ways to Include Audio on Your Sports Live Streams

    December 04, 2018

    This post covers two ways you can integrate audio into your sports team's live stream. It's part of our series on audio tips for live streaming.

    Imagine turning the TV on to watch your favorite sports team only to discover that no sound was playing. You’d think something was broken. That frustration would quickly turn into anger and you’d likely watch something else.

    Viewers’ expectations of your streams aren’t any different. Sure, when people tune into a sports game, they want to see the action. But they also want to be able to hear what’s going on.

    If you’ve opted not to include sound because you’re short-staffed or don’t have appropriate resources, there are still ways to provide your viewers with a better experience. This post outlines two easy ways to do just that.

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    How to Fix the Buzzing Noise on Your Live Stream

    November 15, 2018

    Buzzing or audio noise on a live stream can come from a lot of things — like cables, an audio mixer, or directly from the source audio, such as a microphone. Here's how you identify and troubleshoot the issue.

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    Balanced vs. Unbalanced Audio: What's The Difference?

    June 11, 2018

    Anyone who’s dipped their toes into the waters of live audio production knows that various little things have a huge impact on sound quality. For example, did you know that every cable you use in your production setup has the potential to add noise to your audio feed? It’s important to understand audio cables (and how they’re made) to properly assess which one is right for the job.

    Having audio issues? You might want to check out How To Fix Audio Issues On Your Live Stream first.

    In this post, we’ll discuss the types of signals different cables carry. As you’ll soon learn, they can either be balanced or unbalanced. Let's dive deeper into what balanced and unbalanced audio means.

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