So you've seen the video about how easy it is to set up a BoxCast video stream with one camera. But what about a large-scale production with lots of cameras? Can this box help with that setup?

You're not limited with us. You're not limited to one camera. You're not limited because you only have one computer allotted to your department. You're not limited because you have a PC.

Ever watch a video on an iPad and then wonder why it looked worse on your computer screen? Tablets are built to handle video. Meanwhile, most computers aren't; most computers have limited video performance.

With BoxCast, the beauty is in the hardware. You see, BoxCast uses the same standard video formats that cameras, computer monitors and high-end video production mixers use — up to full-HD quality (1080p60)!

Expect more from us this summer on graphics overlay, scoreboard integration, sideline reporters and more — you can do it all with BoxCast.

Published by Admin on June 27, 2013

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