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How We’ve Made Customer Support a Key Pillar of Our Business

Written by Lena Kelly | June 02, 2017

When you're involved in streaming video production, there are a lot of nerves at play right before a broadcast goes live. For some reason, the stakes of any event always feel higher when it’s being shared with an unlimited online audience.

That's often because you not only have to make sure that the in-person event goes well, but also that your viewers enjoy a great experience online.

That can feel like a lot of responsibility to bear. And at BoxCast, we don’t think you should have to do it alone. Since our onset, we’ve approached customer support as one of the key pillars of our company. After all, without happy customers, we wouldn’t be in business!

This post outlines the various ways we strive to set our customers up for success throughout their entire streaming process.


BoxCast employees are eager and ready to help you!


1. Approachable Technology

No matter how complex the technology is that we’re building, we want to make sure that the user experience is easy. That’s why ease-of-use is at the crux of every technical and engineering decision we make.

Once you schedule your broadcast in the BoxCast Dashboard, all you have to do is connect the BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro to the internet and a power source. When the start time of your event comes along, your hardware will automatically turn on and prepare itself to stream. Regardless of how comfortable you are in your video production skills, our approachable technology ensures that you’ll be able to put on a beautiful stream.

2. Active Monitoring

When you schedule an event in the Dashboard, our team can monitor it proactively. If we see that your broadcast is scheduled to start in a few minutes and a cable still isn’t plugged in, we’ll work with you to solve the problem. We want you to feel like you always have us in your corner cheering you on.

3. Accessible Customer Support Representatives

In the rare event that something does go wrong with your stream, our customers can find solace in the fact that our top-notch, Cleveland-based customer support team is available every day (including weekends) from 9am - 9pm EST. We know that your events often don’t follow typical business hours, so we don’t think ours should either. Whether it’s through live chat, an email, or a phone call, we’ll always make ourselves accessible to you.

4. Easy Onboarding

As soon as you become a BoxCast customer, we want to make sure that you’re the best broadcaster you can be. Our Dashboard will walk you through how to set up your first stream step-by-step. Plus, our customer support team will actively monitor your account until you’ve successfully streamed for the first time. If something seems awry, we’ll reach out.

5. Automatic Firmware Upgrades

Even when your live streams aren’t at the forefront of your attention, we’re working hard in the background to ensure that you’re equipment is in tip-top shape for the next time you’re ready to use it. We regularly release firmware upgrades to make your BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro even better and faster than it used to be. All you have to do to benefit from these updates is turn your hardware on and connect it to the internet. We’ll take it from there.

6. Robust FAQ Section

If you ever have a question about something related to BoxCast or your stream, you’ll likely find the answer on our FAQ page. Our FAQs aim to equip you with all the information you need to be a successful and independent broadcaster. Click here to see our FAQs - maybe you’ll learn something new.

7. Ongoing Education

BoxCast proudly and consistently creates content to educate our customers about our products and the video production industry. The more you know, the better your streams will be. Whether you prefer to read a blog post or downloadable guide, watch a video, tune into a live webinar, or a combination of them all, you’re bound to find something you’ll love.

At BoxCast, everything we do is motivated by our desire to proactively empower our customers to be the best broadcasters they can be. We appreciate every customer we work with and have a devoted and attentive customer support team ready to help if you need it.

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