We know it’s true - there’s immense power in word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our team at BoxCast works hard to provide our customers with an amazing streaming experience. It’s our hope that if you know of an organization that needs to stream and can benefit from our complete streaming platform, you’ll consider sending them our way.

To reward you for your thoughtfulness, we’re happy to announce the launch of the BoxCast Referral Program. Here’s how it works: Refer and Earn $100


When you think of someone who should be live video streaming, use this form to tell us more about them! When they become a BoxCast customer, we'll send you a reward to say thanks.

If you are a BoxCast customer making the referral, select whether you'd prefer:

  • $100 off your streaming costs
  • $50 Visa gift card (up to $500 for 10 referrals)

If you are not a BoxCast customer, we'll send you:

  • $50 Visa gift card (up to $500 for 10 referrals)

When your referral signs up with us, they'll receive:

  • 1 month of free streaming
Refer Someone Today

 Other things to keep in mind:

  • Rewards are contingent on the new customer signing a year-long (non-Broadcaster App) contract.
  • If more than one organization refers the same lead, credit for that lead is given on a first come, first serve basis.



Published by Lena Kelly on January 30, 2017 in Church, Sports, Tech Tips

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