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BoxCast infographic

How Live Video Streaming with BoxCast Works [Infographic]

Live video streaming has historically been complex and confusing.

Every day, we work hard to defy that precedence, building a high-performance platform that's simple to use. To stream with BoxCast, all your organization has to do to successfully stream events is capture the video. We take care of the rest.

Here's how we do it:

BoxCast allows you to capture video from any HD video camera, our Broadcaster App, or BoxCast Switcher App. The capture device then interacts with our patented hardware, the BoxCaster, to send the video to our cloud-based platform. There, we optimize the video for distribution before sending it out to the BoxCast Player, which can be embedded on your website or hosted on BoxCast.tv.

The best part? This all happens in seconds so that your viewers see what happens, when it happens. Check it out:



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