A great halftime show isn't just for the Superbowl. Top high school and college marching bands can draw and maintain a loyal audience, too. Don’t believe it? Creatively amusing halftime band shows are some of the mostly widely shared videos on YouTube.

To grandparents, aunts, uncles and other long-distance relatives with family members in the band, halftime is the game. It’s the same with basketball pep bands and cheerleading squads.

If you’ve ever spent much time in the stands of a high school game, you’ve noticed some fans actually grab their seat cushions and blankets and head for their cars once halftime ends, because their son or daughter was through for the night.  They didn't come for the game - they came for the halftime show.

The takeaway? Don’t stop filming or cut away just because the first-half game clock has expired. Let the stream roll. People will tune in to watch.

In addition to your halftime show, here are some other ideas of what you can stream:

Pre-game, post-game and, hey, why not mid-week, too?  

Game time isn’t the only prime time for live streaming. Create special programming, extending it to game day, to build your community and grow your audience.

Here are some ideas: try Interviewing student-athletes, coaches and even fans - it's a fun way to get people pumped about the game. Another trick: broadcast pre-and-post-game analysis. Planning these productions can take some time, but it's an effective way to get people ready for game day and build a community around your sports program.

Think you don't have the man-power for these types of things? Think again. Tap high school and college broadcasting students to run the show. They could use the experience and might find the blank canvas of a new live-streamed show an incredible opportunity to experiment. Most will be thrilled at the chance to help build up their school's spirit.  Ask faculty to help find and coach the talent.

Sharing it all on social media

Now that you’ve done all that work — created and streamed new programming, kept the stream rolling throughout, engaged the long-distance audience — promote your streams and post them on Facebook, Twitter and more. And ask your fans to share.

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Published by Sports Content Team on July 24, 2015 in Sports

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