When it comes to video broadcasting, there is only one rule that you never break – "Don't ever stream dead silence".

Seriously, it makes folks feel uncomfortable at best and think your stream is broken at worst. At BoxCast we strive to enhance the viewer's experience regardless of how simple or sophisticated your audio is. That's why we built in a full-blown audio mixer inside of our BoxCaster. This allows you to control the audio to your liking.

Those looking to keep things simple can leverage the camera microphone to pick up crowd noise and the PA announcer. By default, the BoxCaster device will use either HDMI audio from an HD camera or RCA audio inputs from an SD camera.

Those looking for better audio clarity can pipe-in CD quality sound from the house sound system or radio crew by simply plugging into the analog inputs. Note - if using HD for video, be sure to specify the audio source as "analog only" so that the camera microphone doesn't wash out your sound.

Let's get down to the details

The ability to decide where you want the audio to come from is an adjustment that can be made for all broadcasts' account settings or on a per-event basis through the advanced configuration tab.

So, when might this feature be used?

At college games, often a work-study student operates the coach's camera from the press box. Instead of hearing private conversations from the camera operator, natural analog sound or a feed from the public address announcer may be connected.

For presentations or services, the speaker's microphone or audio board can be sent directly into the BoxCaster.

For additional questions and instructions, customers can contact the BoxCast customer success team at questions@boxcast.com or 1-888-EZ-BCAST.

Published by Admin on December 09, 2013

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