5 Awesome Reasons SIDs Are Excited About Live DVR


When Live DVR was introduced to television several years ago, it took the world by storm. People's ability to pause and rewind their favorite shows in real-time transformed the viewing experience.

BoxCast is excited to roll out our own Live DVR feature for your live video streams. But the feature isn’t just great for viewers at home; it can also be used to make your game staff more efficient.

Below are five reasons that sports information directors should be pumped about Live DVR:


1. Play Review

Goals scored in fall sports like field hockey and soccer often come from unpredictable plays. Was it deflected? Should we award a second assist? Live DVR gives statisticians the option to re-watch scoring plays.

2. Visitor stats

Even the best statisticians can’t know the visiting teams as well as they know their own. Review a play on your video stream to minimize trips to the opponent’s bench to confirm which player scored. Of course, it always helps if uniform numbers are viewable on the stream.

3. Game Story

Need a better description for a goal, touchdown, or ace? Review the moment from your stream and add more precise descriptions of the big play.

4. Controversial calls

Most referees won’t review video, but those in the press box can. The ability to review a controversial call may help calm a tenuous situation.

Keep in mind, however, the importance of supporting the officials. Your officials are human and will eventually make a mistake. Stirring the pot over video evidence would violate one of sports’ unwritten rules. Plus, it’s important to teach your athletes to respect the refs.

5. Highlight Clips

See something awesome or funny? Now the press box team has the tools to rewind and enjoy the moment. If others would enjoy it, make a highlight clip out of the moment and share your clip with the world.

For other ways to take advantage of BoxCast’s features, check out these Six Great Features of the New BoxCast Dashboard.

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